Z-Online Services and Guarantee

Our Services include:

Website building and optimization

Responsive design and adaption

Social media setup and campaigns

Content creation and management


Tracking and monitoring

Maintaining web presence

Digital marketing strategy

Landing pages and e-mail templates

These are only a few of our main services. According to your needs, we will put together an individual package for your specific requirements. It can be a one-time project or an ongoing long-term assignments. We are very flexible. The price for your customized service package will be calculated according to the basic cost of each chosen service. You also have the possibility of a results-based payment variable. We will actually put a price on performance. According to a realistic estimation of data results – i.e. click rate, conversion rate, SEO ranking – we will scale the price. If your website does not bring the results agreed upon, you will not have to pay the full price. Contact us to receive your custom price offer.

Planning and Application with Z-Online

In order for a design to be effective, it needs to talk to the audience it is supposed to attract. Every marketer knows, that knowing your audience is one of the cornerstones of successful marketing. In the digital world, there are endless tools to investigate the nature and behavior of your potential customers. Z-Online has the knowledge and experience to put them to use most efficiently.

The actual process of designing will start after sufficient data has been collected and analyzed. Each design draft that is approved by you will undergo testing and evaluation, before actually going live.

UX-Design stands for “User Experience” and UI-Design stands for “User Interface”, both aim at optimizing user engagement. Data is collected from test users who are given specific tasks or simply roam the site. According to the way they navigate the site, adaptations can be made.

SEO – “Search Engine Optimization” and CRO – “Conversion Rate Optimizations” are certain measures to be taken on every content item. They take into consideration the way search engines work and in general the way people think and act. This affects the way elements are applied, structured, categorized and labeled on your site. Our specialists are up-to-date with the latest best-practices.

We can provide all content elements needed for your web-presence, including your social media channels and e-mail campaigns. These are all part of the overall strategy and having everything created in one place provides a huge advantage.

The Professional Team of Z-Online

Z-Online has experts in every field relevant to creating a meaningful online presence.

All designers are trained in UX-UI design, as well as CRO-focused design strategies to provide intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use platforms. The company was founded by a group of freelance web designers with a common vision. They decided they could meet their clients’ needs even better if they drew inspiration from each other. Since then many younger designers have joined adding new enthusiasm.

Our SEO specialists will conduct the necessary research and provide knowledge needed to ensure top rankings. Their work is done with the support of three professional BI-analysts. These data gurus joined the company a few years ago, when it became clear that creativity alone was not enough to drive excellent results. Artistic masterwork needs to be backed up by reliable data.

Finally, we have a range of additional professionals, such as content writers, video-editors and other media creators, social marketers and more on board to fulfill all your company's digital design needs.

Z-Online also works with different freelancers to do less frequent, specific tasks. These are carefully selected professionals with a proven track record.

When it comes to web design, there isn’t anything we can’t do.